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Who is Saint Giovanni?

As I was going through my RSS reader I came across a new post by Rane over at The Lit Express.  It was of her book trailer for her new book (which I am helping to promote!  Click the button in the top right cornor guys!), Who is Saint Giovanni?  Rane made this herself, and I wanted to share it with you guys!

I'm super excited for the book's release on April 11, 2011.  Now, since your appetite is whet, go check out the main info page: Who is Saint Giovanni? to find out more about the release of the book (Dickens style guys.) and how YOU can help Rane promote it!  She's a fellow book blogger, so I really think we all need to give her a ton of support during this event!

Summary of Who is Saint Giovanni?:
     "After going her whole life without making a single enemy, someone wants Emily Edwards dead. And it's all Giovanni's fault. How does she know? Terrifying things happen whenever he's around. Since meeting him on her first day in Italy, Emily swears he follows her everywhere. First at the opera, then at her new high school in Florence.
     The morning after Giovanni rescues her from muggers, Emily wakes with an X that looks like it has been carved between her eyes. No one else can see the mark besides Giovanni. Since then, her senses are sharper, as though she had been living her life until that moment a little deaf, a little blind, and with no taste buds.
     Emily needs answers, but Giovanni won't give anything away. He says he's protecting her, but how can she believe him? So she risks her life by confronting the very man Giovanni has warned her about. Although some call Giovanni a saint, others call him a devil. Emily discovers she's only a pawn in a dangerous game that has existed for centuries.
     Her only chance of surviving it is to find the answer to a single question: Who is Saint Giovanni?"

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  1. Wow! Thanks Elizabeth! :-) I like the way you have summed it up!!

    I really appreciate your support. I hope you like the book when the posting begins:-)



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