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BLOG TOUR --- Rules of a Rebound by Nina Crespo --- ADULT FICTION [Review + Giveaway]

Title: Rules of a Rebound
Authors(s): Nina Crespo
Publication Date: August 12, 2019
Edition: Paperback, audiobook; 200 pgs
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
Buy: Amazon Barnes & Noble - iBooks - Kobo
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Summary

Natalie Winters thought she’d married the man of her dreams…but her marriage ended way too soon in a nightmarish divorce. She even has to share custody of the dog! The stress is killing her, so she decides to take a night off and attend the Breakup Bash—a private party for women celebrating their breakups—with her friends.

Former executive security specialist turned bartender Rome Collier is drawn to the woman easily trading sexy banter with him. And if she wants the “Do Me” condoms she accidentally throws across the counter at him, she’ll have to claim them…personally. Their flirtation turns into so much more, and every scintillating night they spend together is better than the last.

Strong, protective...and hot, Rome is everything Natalie ever wanted in a man. All she has to do is convince him he’s more than a rebound.

Each book in the Breakup Bash series is STANDALONE:
* The First Rule of Hook-Ups
* Rules of a Rebound

My Review

While I am sometimes in the mood for a long drawn out romance, most of the time I love short, sweet, and sexy romance novels that I can devour in one day by the pool or snuggled up in bed.  Rules of a Rebound by Nina Crespo delivers on that desire in all the right ways.

While not the most thought-provoking book, if you're looking for a fun time with a tiny bit of angst thrown in, look no further.  Natalie and Rome clash with sex appeal, and compliment each other outside of the bedsheets, as well.  Super likable as characters, and with just enough substance to not make it feel like they are cookie-cutter characters.  The biggest clincher is that there is an adorable beagle puppy who is beloved, and I can't resist a puppy, let alone a beagle; I have two of my own at home!

Super fun and super fast, Rules of a Rebound by Nina Crespo is the perfect book for that last beach day, or a lazy day at home.  I will definitely be picking up other books by her, including the first in the Breakup Bash series: The First Rule of Hook-Ups!

Final Rating

About the Author

Nina Crespo lives in Florida where she indulges in her favorite passions — the beach, a good glass of wine, date night with her own real-life hero and dancing.

Her lifelong addiction to romance began in her teens while on a “borrowing spree” in her older sister’s bedroom where she discovered her first romance novel.
Let Nina’s sensual contemporary stories and steamy paranormal tales feed your own addiction for love, romance, and happily ever after.

Stay connected with Nina on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or through her newsletter.


1 winner will win a $15 Amazon Gift Card, INTERNATIONAL



BLOG TOUR --- Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate by Zoraida Córdova [Review + Giveaway]

Title: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate
Authors(s): Zoraida Córdova
Publication Date: August 6, 2019
Edition: Hardcover, ebook, audiobook; 352 pgs
Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
Buy: Amazon - Kindle - Audible - Barnes & Noble  - iBooks - Kobo The Book Depository
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Summary

Izzy and Jules were childhood friends, climbing the spires of Batuu, inventing silly games, and dreaming of adventures they would share one day. Then, Izzy's family left abruptly, without even a chance to say goodbye. Izzy's life became one of constant motion, traveling from one world to the next, until her parents were killed and she became a low-level smuggler to make ends meet. Jules remained on Batuu, eventually becoming a farmer like his father, but always yearning for something more.

Now, thirteen years after she left, Izzy is returning to Batuu. She's been hired to deliver a mysterious parcel, and she just wants to finish the job and get gone. But upon arrival at Black Spire Outpost she runs smack into the one person who still means something to her after all this time: Jules.

The attraction between them is immediate, yet despite Jules seeming to be everything she's ever needed, Izzy hesitates. How can she drag this good-hearted man into the perilous life she's chosen?

Jules has been trying to figure out his future, but now all he knows for certain is that he wants to be with Izzy. How can he convince her to take a chance on someone who's never left the safety of his homeworld?

My Review

Okay, so first things first, I am a huge Star Wars fan.  I've watched all the movies, watched all the shows (I've even seen the horrible Star Wars Holiday Special), and read a good chunk of the extended universe.  I also own so much merch it's crazy.  So when I heard that one of my favorite authors was going to be writing her own Star Wars book, I freaked.  And THEN when I found out it was set in my most anticipated update to the Star Wars franchise, Galaxy's Edge, I complete lost it (yes, I have reservations for opening weekend at Walt Disney World, and yes, be jealous).  So needless to say, when I had the opportunity to be a part of this blog tour, I jumped on it!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate (ugh that title is awesome) by Zoraida Córdova fits perfectly into the Star Wars world.  Set in Batuu (the new land created for the Star Wars property in Disneyland and Walt Disney World), the story follows two young adults who were raised on Batuu, but who's lives took drastically different courses when they were just younglings.  The language, the settings, the people, and the plot thrust you into a Star Wars story immediately, but Zoraida still makes it feel like her book and not a clone of anything else.

Adventure, danger, passion, and sacrifice are some of the key components to most Star Wars stories, and A Crash of Fate has all four in spades.  I will say that the ending is happy, so don't worry there.  But there is some serious stuff Izzy and Jules have to go through, that will definitely keep the reader on their toes.  Flying through space with illicit cargo and ducking the First Order, all while falling in love; can you ask for a better book?

Zoraida has the amazing ability to suck readers right into the world through her characters and the aesthetic quality of her settings.  She has a way of imbuing the book with the flavor of the world, and even if you're not a Star Wars fan, that means you get to live in a space adventure.  Who doesn't want to live in a space adventure?!  For a place that was made specifically for the Star Wars Lands in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Zoraida makes Batuu, and the Black Spire Outpost, feel like it has been a part of the canon forever.  But I promise, a newbie to the Universe, will still enjoy this book; no prior Star Wars knowledge needed (didn't I say SPACE ADVENTURE?)!

A seriously fun book, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate by Zoraida Córdova is a must-read for all my sci-fi/adventure/romance lovers out there.  There is something for everyone, both hardcore Star Wars fans, and people who have never heard what Star Wars is.  But I will say, if you're one of those hardcore fans, this book will give you some glimpses into parts of the Galaxy's Edge attraction at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, so that is pretty cool!

Out now, you can get a copy of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate at one of the links above, or enter below for your chance to win a finished edition.  And if you're a luckier person than I am, Zoraida will be doing a signing at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World on August 28th from 12-2PM; I have to work...no I'm not salty about it at all.

Final Rating


About the Author

Zoraida Córdova is the award-winning author of the Brooklyn Brujas series and The Vicious Deep trilogy. Her short fiction has appeared in the New York Times bestselling anthology Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, and Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft. She is the co-editor of Vampires Never Get Old, a YA anthology forthcoming from Imprint/Macmillan in Fall 2020. Her upcoming YA novels include Star Wars: A Crash of Fate (Disney/LucasFilm 2019) and Incendiary, Book 1 in the Hollow Crown duology (Disney/Hyperion 2020). Zoraida was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens, New York. When she isn’t working on her next novel, she’s planning her next adventure.


3 winners will receive a finished copy of STAR WARS GALAXY'S EDGE: A CRASH OF FATE, US Only.

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