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"Saying 'I notice you're a nerd' is like saying, 'Hey, I notice that you'd rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you'd rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?' In fact, it seems to me that most contemporary insults are pretty lame. Even 'lame' is kind of lame. Saying 'You're lame' is like saying 'You walk with a limp.' Yeah, whatever, so does 50 Cent, and he's done all right for himself."— John Green


BLOG TOUR --- Midnight on Strange Street by K.E. Ormsbee --- MIDDLE GRADE FICTION [Review + Giveaway]

Title: Midnight on Strange Street
Author & Illustrator: K.E. Ormsbee
Publication Date: January 21, 2020
Edition: Hardcover, ebook; 400 pgs
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
Buy: Amazon - Kindle - Barnes & Noble  - iBooks - Kobo - The Book Depository

Audience: Upper Elementary/Middle Grade
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tour Schedule

Week One

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1/23/2020 - Books,Dreams,Life - Excerpt 
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1/27/2020 - Savings in Seconds - Review 
1/27/2020 - Precious books world  - Review 
1/28/2020 - Little Red Reads - Review 
1/28/2020 - Two Chicks on Books - Excerpt 
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The Summary

AVERY MILLER is looking for a fresh start, away from all the bomb sirens and talk of war in Los Angeles. She expects to find a haven in Callaway, Texas, where the cool new substance “glow” was first discovered. What she doesn’t count on is making friends with glowboard skaters Dani, Bastian, and Lola, aka the Sardines. . . .

DANI HIRSCH, captain of the Sardines, knows for a fact they’re the best glowboarding team in Texas—if only they could prove it. Nothing will distract Dani from leading the team to victory at this summer’s big race. Not even food explosions in the school cafeteria, or a mysterious midnight message, or secretive government workers in Callaway. . . .

BASTIAN GIL is sick of the bullies who tease him for being a Sardine, for being different. Sure, he and his twin sister, Lola, can share thoughts. That’s just twin telepathy, though—nothing too weird, right? But when Bastian finds he can do even stranger things, he starts to wonder if maybe he really is different from the other kids at school. . . .

LOLA GIL wants life to go back to normal, to a time before big glowboard races and government investigations. But the more the Sardines discover about themselves—like how they can share thoughts and move objects with their minds—the more Lola begins to fear there was never anything normal about her. . . .

When the Sardines receive an ominous, otherworldly message, they must decide if they’ll use their newfound powers to stop an impending disaster—one that could have more to do with the war, their bullies, and glowboarding than they can possibly imagine.
My Review

Action, mystery, and strange incidents surround four young friends trying to not only figure out who they are, but what the heck is happening in their small town, and what does "glow" have to do with it?

I loved this book.  I think it is  great book for middle grade kids.  It focuses on friendship, independence, individuality, and success, all while a huge mystery is happening.  So the action is there for readers who like fast-paced, suspenseful builds, but also quieter, more reflective moments are there for the quieter reader.  

Avery, Dani, Lola, and Bastian are such great characters to follow.  They all are different from each other, but connected through glowboarding, a new type of skateboarding using "Component G" or "glow".  Glow is a mysterious substance found in their small town in Texas, and eventually all over the world, that can be used to power small machines.  Glowboarding is what is on the characters mind 24/7, but they also find out that glow itself may be leading to bigger things happening around, and to, them.

I don't want to give more away than that because everything builds to the end of the book, and the final glowboarding event that the kids have been practicing for.  The ending lends itself to a sequel, where we may find out about what exactly is happening on a larger scale, as you are really focused on the small town in this story.

While it is not plot heavy as far as learning more about the "Global War" that is alluded too, it is a fun, fast-paced book, that gives the ultimate lesson of learning who you are, and finding a group of friend that accepts that.

Final Rating


“Hey!” called Avery. “Slow down, okay?”

Dani didn’t slow down. She wrapped her legs around the branch, hoisting herself and, without pause, throwing her hands out to catch the next branch up.

One of her hands did not catch.

It slipped free, upsetting Dani’s balance and sending her hurtling downward.

What happened next happened very quickly. Lola raised her hands to her mouth. Bastian shouted at Dani’s descent. And Avery thought, No, she can’t hit the ground.

The way Dani had thrown out her arms, the way she had twisted her back—Avery couldn’t bear to watch the impact. Stubbornly she kept thinking it: Dani can’t hit the ground, she can’t, she can’t, she won’t.

That’s when something inside Avery began to burn. It was a sensation she’d first felt at her old school in LA. It was the heat between her stomach and her heart that burned every time she skated downhill on a curve. She felt the blue light’s energy, and suddenly she saw it, pulsing out of her. It washed around Avery, poured over the branches like water, rushed under Dani’s back and cradled her in its arms.

Then, in a snap, everything was fast and loud again.

About the Author

K.E. Ormsbee writes books, cooks food, & records podcasts in Austin, TX. She is the author of the WATER AND THE WILD fantasy trilogy (Chronicle Books and Gumption Press), folk mystery THE HOUSE IN POPLAR WOOD (Chronicle Books), and the upcoming sci-fi adventure MIDNIGHT ON STRANGE STREET (Disney-Hyperion, January 2020).

She also writes Young Adult novels as Kathryn Ormsbee: LUCKY FEW, TASH HEARTS TOLSTOY, and THE GREAT UNKNOWABLE END (Simon & Schuster).

K.E. Ormsbee likes clothes from the 60s, music from the 70s, and movies from the 80s. She is from the 90s. You can visit her online at keormsbee.com or follow her on Twitter & Instagram @kathsby.

3 winners will receive a finished copy of MIDNIGHT ON STRANGE STREET, US Only.


BLOG TOUR --- The Best Man Problem by Mariah Ankenman --- ADULT FICTION [Review + Giveaway]

Title: The Best Man Problems
Author & Illustrator: Mariah Ankenman
Publication Date: January 20, 2020
Edition: Paperback, ebook; 150 pgs
Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
Buy: Amazon - Kindle - Barnes & Noble  - iBooks - Kobo

Audience: Adult Romance/New Adult Romance
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tour Schedule

1/20/2020 - BookHounds - Interview 
1/20/2020 - Books,Dreams,Life - Guest Post 
1/21/2020 - Two Chicks on Books - Interview 
1/21/2020 - Lifestyle of Me - Review 
1/22/2020 - She Just Loves Books - Review 
1/22/2020 - Precious Books World - Review 
1/23/2020 - Becky on Books - Review 
1/23/2020 - Underneath the Covers - Guest Post 
1/24/2020 - Novel Novice - Review 
1/24/2020 - Eli to the nth - Review

The Summary

Lilly Walsh is used to keeping things buttoned-up and aboveboard. After all, the last time she hooked up with someone in a wedding party, it nearly cost her her wedding planning business. Thankfully, those rules don’t apply when she meets a handsome stranger in a hotel bar. One bad pirate joke leads to the best night of her life, but come morning, she’s got a wedding to plan.

Lincoln Reid never imagined he’d see the woman who rocked his world last night and then ran out on him ever again. But there she is, planning his best friend’s wedding with the same passion and drive that brought him to his knees. She’s adamant that wedding planner and best man can never mix, but that just means he’s got four weeks to make her see him as more than just a one-night guy. Because he’s itching for more than one night...or five, or ten…
My Review

Leading with the sex in chapter one, we meet our heroine, Lilly, trying to gracefully escape a scorching one-night stand.  Not the type of girl to do that on the regular (are they ever?), Lilly believes she'll never see Lincoln, our tall-dark-and-sexy hero, again.  But she's in for one manly surprise when Lincoln is the Best Man for the wedding Lilly's company is planning.  Oops!

I loved both Lilly and Lincoln right off the bat.  They're both funny and sexy, with sparks flying.  They have great chemistry, which is ratcheted even higher when Lilly refuses to continue a relationship due to her rule of "No dating clients or client-adjacent".  But Lincoln is determined to get Lilly to break her rule and slip back into his bed.

This is a quick, light contemporary romance; the second in a series of stand-alones centered around the same group of characters.  There is just enough tension, both due to Lilly's self-imposed rule and past relationships to keep the reader engaged.  And of course, the sex is hot, and it never fades to black.  Sweet, sexy, and a rockin good time, The Best Man Problem is one you will want to solve.

Final Rating


“Here’s your coffee, ma’am.”
Lilly ignored the barista as he set her to-go cup on the counter, Lincoln’s words ringing in her ears, clanging out warning bells so loud they drowned out every other sound.
“What do you mean you’re not visiting?”
He had to be visiting. The only facts she had on her Lincoln-is-bad-on-paper list were that he was the best man in one of her weddings, he didn’t do relationships, and he didn’t live here. One issue would be resolved in a matter of weeks, and the others had to stick because he’d insinuated that he didn’t do long-term. She did not want to fall for a guy who was just up for a fling, because Lilly knew herself. She didn’t fling, she fell, and something told her falling for Lincoln Reed would be a very bad move.
“I live here now,” he clarified. “Just moved into my place this week.”
“Well that’s just perfect!”
He chuckled. “Are you sure? Because you don’t sound like it’s perfect. You kind of sound like you want to throw your coffee on me. Please don’t, by the way. I burn easily.”
Oh, ha-ha, look at Mr. Sexy and Funny being all attractive and available and ruining the perfectly good wall she had in place for starting any kind of relationship with him.
But he doesn’t do relationships.
Yes, she had to keep reminding herself of that very important fact.
Maybe I could just have a fling with him. A sexy, naked fling. I didn’t fall after one night. What’s the harm in a few more?
No she couldn’t! Could she? No. Absolutely not.
“You… I…just… Ugh!” She was so frustrated she couldn’t even think of a good comeback. Why was this man constantly throwing her off her game? She had to get out of here. Grabbing her coffee, she turned and headed toward the door.
“You forgot your cream and sugar,” Lincoln called after her, laughter in his voice.
Resisting the urge to flip him off—he was still a member of her current wedding party—she waved a hand in the air, speaking around clenched teeth. “I’ve got some in the
office. Thanks.”
His deep, infectious laughter followed her out the door and into the midday air, which had gotten even chillier in the ten minutes she’d been in the coffee shop. Even his laugh was sexy. Perfect. Now how was she supposed to resist him? 

About the Author

Bestselling author Mariah Ankenman lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her two rambunctious daughters and loving husband who provides ample inspiration for her heart-stopping heroes.

Whether she’s writing hometown heroes or sexy supernaturals, Mariah loves to lose herself in a world of words. Her favorite thing about writing is when she can make someone’s day a little brighter with one of her books.

1 winner will receive a $15 Amazon GC, International


BLOG TOUR --- Real Pigeons Fight Crime written by Andrew McDonald and illustrated by Ben Wood --- MIDDLE GRADE FICTION [Review + Giveaway]

Title: Real Pigeons Fight Crime
Author & Illustrator: Andrew McDonald & Ben Wood
Publication Date: January 7, 2020
Edition: Hardcover, ebook, ; 208 pgs
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
Buy: Amazon - Kindle - Barnes & Noble  - iBooks - Kobo The Book Depository 
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tour Schedule

Week One:
1/6/2020 - BookHounds - Interview 
1/7/2020 - Abellafairytale - Review 
1/8/2020 - onemused - Review 
1/9/2020 - Do You Dog-ear? - Review 
1/10/2020 - Fazila's Book Review Corner - Excerpt

Week Two: 
1/13/2020 - Popthebutterfly Reads - Review 
1/14/2020 - Twirling Book Princess - Excerpt 
1/15/2020 - Fictitiouswonderland - Review 
1/16/2020 - Not In Jersey - Review 
1/17/2020 - She Just Loves Books - Review

Week Three:
1/20/2020 - DJREADSBOOKS - Excerpt 
1/21/2020 - Lifestyle of Me - Review 
1/22/2020 - Eli to the nth - Review 
1/23/2020 - Little Red Reads - Review 
1/24/2020 - fictitious.fox - Review

Week Four:
1/27/2020 - Cuz I’m a Nerd - Review 
1/28/2020 - Nerdophiless - Review 
1/29/2020 - Wonder Struck - Review 
1/30/2020 - Lori Murray - Review 
1/31/2020 - A Dream Within A Dream - Excerpt

Week Five:
2/3/2020 - Nay's Pink Bookshelf - Review 
2/4/2020 - wordsandruin - Review 
2/5/2020 - Books_andPoetrii - Excerpt 
2/6/2020 - History from a Woman’s Perspective  - Review 
2/7/2020 - Two Points of Interest - Review 

The Summary

Ever wonder why pigeons act so weird? Because they are secretly chasing bad guys and flying around saving your butt! This hilarious illustrated series is perfect for fans of BAD GUYS and DOG MAN.

What do REAL PIGEONS do? They fight crime, of course! Wait, what? You didn't know your town is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting feathered friends? Well, you are about to get schooled. REAL PIGEONS solve mysteries! REAL PIGEONS fight bad guys! And REAL PIGEONS won't stop until your neighborhood is safe and the questions are all answered: Like, why have all the breadcrumbs disappeared? And which food truck smells the best?
My Review

A book that is perfect for reluctant readers, Real Pigeons Fight Crime is a fast-paced, hijinks-filled romp, following a team of crime fighting pigeons as they solve one mystery after another in this chapter book hybrid.

Bold drawings accompany engaging text, as Rock, the new recruit to this crime-fighting squad started by Grandpouter Pigeon, leads the charge with his ability of disguise.  The pigeons encounter a "haunted" park, a bat trapper, and some danger at a food truck rally.  Each of these encounters are their own contained story, easy for younger readers to pick up and put down, or for more advanced readers to breeze through.

The illustrations back up the humor in each story.  Showing the uniqueness of each pigeon (who all exist in real life---the pigeons are actually named after their type: Rock, Tumbler, Frillback, Homing, and Pouter), the individual pigeon embodies what that type is known for, and lends their talents to round out the crime fighting team.  Seeing the world through Rock's eyes is fun since he is newly experiencing what the "big city" has to offer along with the reader.

Cute, quick, and engaging, Real Pigeons Fight Crime is a great start to a very fun series!  The next book in the series, Real Pigeons Eat Danger is coming out May 5, 2020, so look out for that next "Very Coo" adventure!

Final Rating


About the Author/Illustrator

Andrew McDonald is a reader and writer of books for young readers. His brand new series, Real Pidgeons, debuted in 2018, with hilarious illustrations by Ben Wood.

His first children’s novel, The Greatest Blogger in the World featured the story of Charlie Ridge, a young blogger navigating family, friends and the perils of internet life. His second novel Son of Death, a black comedy about a family of modern grim reapers, was named by The Age as one of the ‘best books of the year’ in 2015.

Andrew is an avid reader of children’s and YA literature. He has worked for Readings bookshop in Melbourne and at the flagship Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road in London, where he was thrilled to put his knowledge to work as a children’s bookseller. He has previously judged the Young Adult category of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards and the Centre for Youth Literature’s Inky Awards.

Andrew is a graduate of RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing diploma and his writing has taken him around the world. He completed an artist residency at Caldera Arts in Oregon, USA and a May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust fellowship in Adelaide.

Ben Wood is a children’s illustrator based in Victoria, Australia. He has been commissioned to work with clients such as Hardie Grant Egmont, Penguin Random House, and Scholastic Australia.

Ben is able to offer clients a wealth of illustration styles and techniques in both digital and traditional mediums. Recent publications include Blast Off! by Shelly Unwin and the Squishy Taylor series, by Ailsa Wild. He is currently illustrating the Real Pigeons series by Andrew McDonald. “It’s super coo!”

Ben also runs presentations or workshops in schools, public libraries and bookstores. His sessions can vary from small to large groups, depending on what suits best. He is more than happy to work with Prep-Year 9 students, and adults too. Please contact Booked Out Speakers Agency to inquire about a booking.

3 winners will win a finished copy of REAL PIGEONS FIGHT CRIME, US Only.

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