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"Saying 'I notice you're a nerd' is like saying, 'Hey, I notice that you'd rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you'd rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?' In fact, it seems to me that most contemporary insults are pretty lame. Even 'lame' is kind of lame. Saying 'You're lame' is like saying 'You walk with a limp.' Yeah, whatever, so does 50 Cent, and he's done all right for himself."— John Green

Giveaway Rules

  • Rules will ALWAYS be posted on giveaway entry.
  • No one under the age of 13 may enter, and each "freebie" entry will require a date of birth.  If you do not enter a date of birth, your entry will be thrown out.
  • For giveaways, a PO Box is not an acceptable address.  As I have had books lost or never picked up from PO Boxes, I prefer a permanent address. 
  • Unfortunately books do get lost in the mail and although I will do my best I can NOT guarantee a replacement book if the original does not arrive.
  • Once a winner is chosen and contacted they will have 48 hours to respond.
  • Once the 48 hours are up and there is no reply, then a new winner will be chosen.
  • If any of the giveaway entries require extra info, and you do not provide it, the entry will be thrown out.
  • If I find that you added my Blog/Twitter/YouTube/Facebook and then immediately delete it after the giveaway, you will be disqualified from future giveaways
If you have any other questions regarding my giveaways, shoot me an email at eliweibley@gmail.com!

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