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Friday Covers (03)

Friday Covers is a weekly meme inspired by Cover Crazy, which is hosted by Tawni at The Book Worms.  The point of this meme is to admire the art and beauty of a book’s design.  In my interpretation, I'm not only admiring covers, but criticizing them as well. 

For this Friday's post I'm comparing the book covers of My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent.  Now I just found out about this book thanks to Dwayne over at Girls Without a Bookshelf.  It looks really interesting; I especially love that it is about bean Sidhe, a creature not many people know about.

It is being released in the UK in early January by new publishing group MIRA Books (if you read GWB, you've heard a little about MIRA), and they've released the cover:

It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!  I love the smoke surrounding, what I assume to be Kaylee, the protagonist.  Also the use of red evokes a desire and a violence which often surrounds supernatural beings.  The typography is really beautiful.  I love how they highlighted Take but making it cursive and adding the red highlights.  Finally, the girl is screaming, which ties right into the title of the series "Soul Screamers".  In all I think this is a great cover!

Here is the US version released by Harlequin (which MIRA is an imprint of.  Go figure):

Now this one, I have some problems with.  First, I don't like the whole cover being red.  
It's hard to look at and isn't appealing.  I feel it makes it too much of a supernatural 
romance than the book really is.  Secondly, The girl on the cover looks like some sort of acrobatic gypsy, and not at all like a teenage girl.  Finally, the typography is a little hard to read, especially the series title "Soul Screamers".  It isn't a great cover compared to the new one.

I wonder how much say an author really has on the cover of their book?  Did Rachel Vincent like this cover, or does she like the new one better?  I suppose that's be like asking a parent which child they like better.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments.  I promise next week I'll simply have a cover I'm gushing over!  

As always DFTBA,

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  1. Oh wow I love the first cover! Definitely fits in with the screaming.
    The US version does look like a gypsy; I think that's why I always overlooked it..

    Here's my cover post this week:


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