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TTMMS: Hunger Games Edition

On this episode of Things That Make Me Smile, we're talking The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games movie is probably one of the most talked about movies happening right now after Harry Potter.  And it is well deserved!  This is one of the most intense series I've read and it looks like the adaptation is going to be just as intense.

I give you Example A:
This is the newest trailer out and it is even more fantastic then the first!

Example B:
This is such a KICK ASS poster; it inspires such energy!!!

But the ultimate example of awesome coming out with the arrival of the movie has to do with my other obsession: nail polish!

Example C: That's right, China Glaze is releasing a Hunger Games collection mid-March in anticipation for the movie!

It may be called Capitol Colours, but are obvious representations of the different Districts.

Luxe and Lush - District 1: Luxury
Stone Cold - District 2: Masonry
Riveting - District 3: Technology
Hook and Line - District 4: Fishing
Electrify - District 5: Power
Fast Track - District 6: Transportation
Mahogany Magic - District 7 - Lumber
Dress Me Up - District 8: Textiles
Harvest Moon - District 9: Grain
Foie Gras - District 10: Livestock
Argo - District 11: Agriculture
Smoke and Ashes - District 12: Mining

Aren't all the colors fantastic?  My favorites are Electrify, Luxe and Lush, and Riveting.  

But all the colors look so much better on the nails.  You can check out a review at All Lacquered Up, one of my favorite nail polish review/resource sites!

So what are your thoughts on the movie?  Are any of you excited about the polish collection?


  1. I so can't wait to watch it! The trailers are awesome (especially the first one... I'm only listening to "Dark Shadow" by TTL, the song from the trailer all the time these days >.>), the posters are just glorious...

    And I'm totally crazy about those nail polishes, I mean... they are fabulous. I promised myself to go to the movie premiere wearing one of them on my nails. *_*

    I just really hope the movie will meet my expectations. <3

    1. Have you checked out Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift? It's one of the songs for the movie, and it is so haunting! I love love love it!

  2. I can't wait for the movie even though I'm totally afraid I will be disappointed of it (as mostly with movies based on good books). And: I'm already SO in love with the nail polish. Can't wait till it comes out.

    1. I know this is a book blog, but I may do some swatches of the three colors I got from the collection because that is my other obsession!


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