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Visual Inspirations for The Tombs by Deborah Schaumberg (Review)

Pictures/Art/Photographs all help me see the books I'm reading.  Often, while I'm online, I stumble upon images that remind me of the book.  These visuals add layers to the stories, and can be used to offer hints to the plot.  So I've decided to put out "Visual Inspirations" in order to spark readers' interests in those books that I love.  Please feel free to join in; hopefully you'll get some new books to read in the process!

New York City, 1882: but not the New York City of our history.  
Without further ado, the inspiration:

In a city of lies, one girl sees the truth.
But where can you hide in a city that wants you buried?

Release Date: 2/20/2018
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The reader finds themselves in a haunting, dark, gritty New York City, one that holds powerful secrets and powerful men -- all of which work toward trying to harness the abilities of "witches", the people who are branded as such and then locked away in The Tombs, a horrible asylum where unspeakable experiments are being performed.

Avery's mother is taken to The Tombs for being able to "see" the unseen, and Avery ignores all signs of this same ability in her, fearful she will also be locked away. But as Avery's powers grow, she can no longer deny she has these abilities and must decide: does she fight to rescue her mother or hide away forever?

Such a great book! It mixes historical New York City with fantastical elements; it is just as the description said: Gangs of New York meets Libba Bray. There are strong female relationships (Avery never feels "superior" to her girlier friend, just because she does more manual labor and acts within a more traditionally male role), an amazing and loving mother/daughter bond (this is what really drives all of Avery's actions), two potential love interests (I do love a good triangle), and scary as heck villains (those crow masks are just like plague doctors and give me a super creep vibe)!

Amazing debut novel, and it set the reader up to expect more books to come! A must-read if you love darker fantasy mixed with historical fiction, The Tombs by Deborah Schaumberg is out in stores now! Check out the links above to order a copy today!!

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