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I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE IN BETWEEN by Marc Klein Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

The In Between
Marc Klein
Publication Date: June 1, 2021
Edition: Paperback, eBook, audiobook; 304 pgs
Publisher: Poppy
Source: Rockstar Book Tours
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Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Summary

Soon to be a motion picture on Paramount+ featuring Joey King (The Kissing Booth) and Kyle Allen, THE IN BETWEEN is a debut heartbreaking story—perfect for fans of If I Stay and Five Feet Apart—that follows a girl swept up in the magic of her first love, until it all comes to a tragic end that might lead her into the afterlife itself. 

After bouncing around in foster homes for most of her childhood, seventeen-year-old Tessa Jacobs doesn’t believe she deserves love—not from her adoptive parents, and certainly not from anyone at school.

But everything changes when she has a chance encounter with Skylar, a senior from a neighboring town who’s a true romantic. Their budding relationship quickly leads to the kind of passion you only see in the movies. As her heart begins to open, Tessa starts to believe she might be deserving of love after all.

When tragedy strikes, Tessa wakes up alone in a hospital room with no memory of how she got there. And then she learns the horrifying news: Skylar is dead. As Tessa searches for answers, Skylar’s spirit reaches out to her from the other side. Desperate to see him one last time, Tessa must race against the clock to uncover the shocking truth of their relationship—a truth that might just lead to the afterlife itself.

Praise for THE IN BETWEEN:
“An original take on the personal nature of grief and a strong choice where YA romances are popular.” —School and Library Journal

“A radiant, swoon-worthy ghost story, combined with an empowering story of a young woman finding her creative voice. I absolutely loved this book.” —Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, author of Trinkets and screenwriter of 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde



It had always been Tessa’s favorite color. And not because the influencers spoke about how black was the default couture color for the rich and famous. And definitely not because the bubbleheaded fashionistas were continually asking the proverbial question: Is gray the new black, is white the new black, hell, is magenta the new black?

No, Tessa loved black because it represented absence. The absence of color, the absence of light, the absence of form. Put simply, black didn’t draw attention to itself. It was invisible. And that had always been Tessa’s desire in life: to stay invisible. But the black surrounding Tessa right now wasn’t the invisible kind. It was a black of presence.

Where was she anyway? Last she remembered, she was getting off the city bus. It was raining outside, and with no umbrella to protect her from the downpour, Tessa was soaked from her mad dash to Skylar’s house. Turning the corner, she saw his jeep backing out of the driveway, its red taillights shimmering through a wall of rain. And then…

… in an instant…

… blackness…

Tessa felt a sudden flutter of fear, disoriented by the void that had enveloped her. She was adrift in space, alone, with no stars to guide her way.

Where could she be? And more important, where was Skylar?

“I’m right here,” Skylar said.

That was strange. Tessa hadn’t spoken, but Skylar answered her anyway. Even stranger: She couldn’t see Skylar but could sense his presence drifting beside her in this peculiar blackness with no beginning or end.

Something was weird about all this. Tessa’s best guess was that she was dreaming. It was one seriously messed-up dream, but like most of them, by the time she was brushing her teeth the next morning, she’d have forgotten this craziness altogether.

Just then, a pinpoint of white light pierced the blackness. But this was no ordinary light. It was radiant and purifying, like a thousand suns of compressed love, lulling her forward, beckoning her to join with it. Tessa had never really been interested in doing drugs, but if this was what it felt like to be high, she was prepared to reconsider.

“My God, it’s beautiful,” Skylar said. “Let’s get closer.”

That was so Skylar. Always rushing toward the unknown, not away from it. With Skylar around, Tessa felt like nothing bad could ever happen, because nothing bad ever did. So she willed herself toward the light alongside him. And that was when she began to see shapes. They were fuzzy and formless at first. But as she drifted closer, the pinpoint of light grew larger and brighter, and she saw the translucent outline of her grandma Pat. Only not the way she’d looked when she was suffering in bed those last days of her life. Backlit like a rock star, Grandma Pat was now young and vibrant.

“Uncle Andy!” Skylar screamed.

“No,” Tessa said. “It’s my grandma Pat.”

Somehow, they were seeing different deceased relatives. How was that possible?

“Can you hear them?” Skylar asked.

“Hear who?”

“They’re saying…”

There was a long pause. And Tessa suddenly sensed something was terribly wrong.

“Tessa, they’re saying… you have to go back.”

“What do you mean, back? Back where?”

There was now painful regret in Skylar’s voice. “They say it has to be this way. That it’s not your time yet.”

And then something took hold of Tessa. A force. It started pulling her away from Skylar.

“Skylar, wait!” she cried.

“I’m sorry, Tess. I love you.”

Everything began receding in a fast-moving blur. Tessa screamed and willed herself to stay, but the white light grew smaller and dimmer, like a dying star in a distant galaxy…


… flickering…

… gone.

About the Author

Marc Klein has written many well-known screenplays including the romantic comedy classic Serendipity, as well as Mirror, Mirror, a reimagining of the Snow White fairy tale. The In Between is his debut novel and the basis for the upcoming film from Paramount Pictures. Klein resides in Los Angeles.

3 winners will receive a Finished Copy of THE IN BETWEEN, US Only.


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