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Harry Potter Extravanganza: Day Three!

I know that there are tons and tons of Harry Potter fans out there.  Fans who are so into Harry Pottet that they've made him an important part of their life!  Well today I'm going to be sharing a super awesome part of that intense fandom: Wizard Rock!

Wizard Rock, also known as wrock (pronounced rock), is a genre of music based on the Harry Potter series started by Harry and the Potters, Joe and Paul DeGeorge of Boston, Massachusetts, in 2002.  They were joined by Draco and the Malfoys in 2004, when Harry and the Potters were invited by Matt Maggiacomo, who later became The Whomping Williows, to a house show in Matt's apartment.

Wrock is really awesome, and all the bands are super inventive.  Most of the bands take on the persona stated in their names.  For instance Harry and the Potters often take the viewpoint of Harry Potter (go figure).  I love most of the bands but there is one band in particular that I really love:

Ministry of Magic



( Not shown in correct release date...sorry)

The Ministry of Magic is a headed by Luke Conard, Jason Munday, Aaron Nordyke, Ryan Seiler, Mark Jennings, and Jeremy Jennings.  They make some of (in my opinon) best wrock songs out there!

Below I've posted some of my favorites!  If you guys like what you hear be sure to go support the guys! You can buy each of the albums on iTunes, just click the cover and you'll pop over to the site.  

Check back everyday for more Harry Potter Extravaganza!!  
I might even post more than once so keep your eyes peeled!!!

(P.S. I have in NO way been asked by Ministry of Magic to promote them.  I just really like them!!)

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  1. I'm so excited to listen to these things! I can't believe that I left my freaking headphones home (I'm at work). But am listening to The Bravest Man I ever knew with my speakers turned very low...I love it!! Your extravaganza rules!!!



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