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The First Time (Review)

TitleThe First Time
Edition: ebook
PublisherJessica Verday
Publication Date: October 29, 2011
Source: Bought from Nook Store

The Summary
You never forget your first...

In The First Time, 25 young adult authors contribute 25 stories all about firsts: first loves, first kisses, first zombie slayings, and more. Featuring New York Times bestselling authors Carrie Ryan and Jessica Verday, plus a host of others. From humor to horror, and everything in between, these stories will make you laugh, cry, cheer, (and maybe even scream) as you experience something brand new from the authors that you love.
My Opinion
I found this anthology completely by accident when I browsing the digital shelves of Barnes & Noble.  And I'm glad I did!  This anthology is filled with delightful stories about all sorts of first times.  Each author does an amazing job in such a few short pages, and you can't beat the price at $2.99!

There is such a great mix within the anthology as well!  There are the contemporaries, the fantastical, and the supernatural.  Pretty much something for everyone.  Some authors write in worlds which may be familiar to their readers, and others start in a new world.  But each story doesn't leave you in the dark, and that's what makes an anthology like this work.

Each story is able to stand-alone on it's own merits, allowing the reader to enjoy them even if they haven't read the book series the tale may be set in.  A high selling point for me!  Of course I did have my favorites of the bunch: The Trouble with Firsts by Charity Tahmaseb, When Skies are Gray by Leigh Brescia, Freedom by Cyn Balog, Selling Mr. Peanut by Lara Zielin, Once Burned, Twice Shy by Jessica Verday, Turn Here by Jackson Pearce, and Heart On by Rohnda Stapleton.

Each story was as different as night and day, but all were so well-written and engrossing I wanted more.  When I want more I know the book or story or poem was really something.  I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I cringed at one point or another in each story.  When authors really dig into human characteristics like that, it is a gift.

If you're looking for an amazing anthology that is an amazing deal then look no further, The First Time will satisfy that need!  However, as with too much of a good thing, you can overdose if you try to read the whole anthology in one sitting.  The rollercoaster of emotions, styles, and plots will have you dizzy by the end, so I suggest flipping through and reading two to three at a time.  This way you can really experience your first time with the story (see what I did there? Huh? huh?)!

Final Rating
Book Cover: 3/5
Book Title: 5/5
Plot: 9/10*
Characters: 9/10*
Writing: 9/10*
Ending: 9/10*
Overall: 44/50: B+
*This is a combined score of the short stories.  Some may be judged higher or lower individually.


  1. DFTBA! ARE YOU A NERDFIGHTER? IF SO, I LOVE YOU! *cue nerdfighteria gang sign*. I meet so many more nerdfighters in the blogosphere than in real life, but it's always exciting to find them anyway!

    Great review, and I'm really fascinated by the different 'firsts' that these authors present. It sounds really good and I think I might check this out!

    Following you :)

    Nicole's Library

    1. Hey Nicole I am indeed a Nerdfighter :cue gang sign with awesome gun cocking sound effects!: I also meet many more online nerdfighters then irl, which is sad because how could everyone NOT know the awesome that is John and Hank Green? Blasphemy I tell you!

      Yes, The First Time is an AMAZING book and many of the authors are nerdfighters as well, so that's cool! Definitely worth the money.

      Thanks so much for the follow! I love getting new ones, and welcome to the community by the way! It's so exciting to meet new bloggers, and follow them as well. We live in the great circle of life, so we might as well support each other!

    2. *Nods*

      Everything you just said, and this is an example of why I love Nerdfighteria so much!

      *Scuttles off to watch Hank and The Katherine play Mario*


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