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Fairy Bad Day (Review)

TitleFairy Bad Day
Author(s)Amanda Ashby
Edition: Paperback, 336 pages
Publication Date: June 9, 2011
Source: Bought from Barnes & N0ble

The Summary
While most students at Burtonwood Academy get to kill demons and goblins, fifteen-year-old Emma gets to rid the world of little annoying fairies with glittery wings and a hipster fashion sense. 

She was destined to be a dragon slayer, but cute and charming Curtis stole her spot. Then she sees a giant killer fairy and it's invisible to everyone but her! 

If Emma has any chance of stopping this evil fairy, she's going to need help. Unfortunately, the only person who can help is Curtis. And now, not only has he stolen her dragon-slayer spot, but maybe her heart as well! Why does she think it's going to be a fairy bad day?
My Opinion
Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby was a fairy good book (....yeah I know, I’m lame). But in all seriousness, it was excellent. The dialogue was really smart and quippy, there was a cool premise, the heroine was kick-ass, and just enough romance peeked through the action! I read through it super fast because the plot kept pushing me along to find out what happened next!

Emma Jones is our leading lady, a 15 year old slayer who is the daughter of one of the best dragon slayers in history. Emma fully expects to follow in her mother’s illustrious footsteps, but when she is designated to fairies, Emma doesn't accept her fate gracefully. With this flaw in place, Emma is made my favorite character. I hate when protagonists are all powerful and perfect. Emma, while obviously charged with a great responsibility, is still only 15 and acts like it. She tries to argue, to scheme, and out right beg for the dragon designation, but all that does is land her right in detention with the threat of expulsion.

There are some really great supporting characters as well. Loni and Tyler, Emma’s two best friends, are very quirky and super lovable. Loni is very into zodiacs and astrology, predicting what will happen and acting accordingly; Tyler places bets against anything and everything, usually involving his 5-legged pet cockroach. They never doubt Emma, even when she’s yelling about invisible dragons; true friends indeed. But let’s not forget about the love interest in the form of Curtis, the unfortunate boy to have snatched Emma’s beloved dragons away from her. Needless to say the “romance” takes a little while to build. Of course Emma’s attitude never really deters Curtis, which I liked a lot.

But the best part, hands down, of the whole book were the fairies and the weird ways Emma had to “slay” them. First of all, the fairies are mini hipsters, drinking Starbucks and being really unimpressed with everything. Of course they end of being helpful, but I definitely can’t look at Sour Skittles the same way (read to find out more).

Fairy Bad Day was really fun, and a great one day book. There were some plot gaps, but not enough to mess with the story, and I just glossed over them while reading. I am sad to say that it is a stand-alone, so there isn't another book. But there is potential there in case Amanda Ashby ever wanted to write more; I know I’d eat it right up!
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Final Rating
Book Cover: 5/5
Book Title: 5/5
Plot: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 8/10
Overall: 46/50: A-

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  1. A fairy interesting concept (I couldn't help it, LOL), but seriously this sounds fun. Really like how she's a dragon slayer but stuck with the fairies. Sounds like she goes through a lot of character growth. Great review!


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