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Little Fish Back to School Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Little Fish: A Memoir From a Different Kind of Year by Ramsey Beyer

Author: Ramsey Beyer
Published Date: September 3, 2013
Published by: 

Ramsey Beyer's debut autobiographical graphic novel, Little Fish: A Memoir from A Different Kind of Year, is the coming-of-age story of a small-town high schooler's transformation into an independent city-dwelling college freshman. Told through a blend of journal entries and lists plus comic-style artwork and collages, the book touches on challenges every student meets when facing the world for the first time on their own, and the unease - as well as excitement - that comes along with those challenges. Everyone can relate to Ramsey's journey from childhood to independence - from adjusting to being away from home to navigating new friendships and finding the right path.

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Or, if you're really awesome, you'll order from MY favorite bookstore: Inkwood Books

My Review:
Graphic novels are one of my obsessions.  I love them and devour my library's collection on a daily basis.  My librarian calls me when they have a new one in, my craze is so bad.  So when Zest Books asked me to be a part of the Little Fish Back to School Blog Tour, I was so very on that!

Opening up this book I felt transported back to my first year of college.  Obviously it was a very different experience but the same feelings were present.  That is what Beyer captures so well in her words and illustrations.  College is a invigorating, terrifying, exciting, and trying time whether or not you already have a grasp on what you want for the future.  You're meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and increasing your perceptions.  Just as Beyer did.  The lists she includes and the small details of that time ring true, and I never felt that she was isolating her experience into something only she would understand.  No, instead with a beautiful illustration and some choice phrases she invites you inside and welcomes you.

In English Education we talk about connections to books: Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, and Text-to-World.  This book really brought a Text-to-Self connection for me and I'm sure it will to everyone else who reads it.  Filled with funny moments, heartbreaking moments, embarrassing moments, and tender moments, Little Fish: A Memoir From a Different Kind of Year by Ramsey Beyer should not be missed!  

If you want a copy for yourself, enter my giveaway below OR check out the purchase links above.


About Ramsey Beyer:
Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Michigan before escaping
to city life in Baltimore, MD, where she received a BFA in
experimental animation. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA
and keeps her hands busy with all sorts of projects and activities,
including gardening, riding her bike all over Philly, taking her dog
Rover for long walks, and working on comics in coffee shops.
She has been making zines since 2004 when she discovered a
love of minicomics through Snakepit, Jeffrey Brown, Nicole
Georges, and Clutch. Little Fish is her first published book.

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  • 1 winner will receive: a prize packet that includes a finished copy of the book and an awesome poster, as well some Zesty swag!

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  1. My favorite part about college was all the smart people I got to work with. And the library, of course.


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