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NCTE: Day 2 - So Many Signatures!

Second day of NCTE down, and I am exhausted,  a good exhausted.

My Schedule:

Session F: 8:00-9:15
F.51 Zagat Guides, the New Yorker, & Cartoons

Session G: 9:30-10:45
G.45 Chicago Pride: The Streets of the Windy City

Session H: 11:00-12:15
H.08 Secondary Level Gallery of Posters

Veronica Roth Signing 12:00-1:00

David Levithan Signing 2:00-3:00

Laurie Halse Anderson 2:30-3:30

Session K: 4:15-5:30
K.01 Censorship Alive, Well and Showing

More awesome up there.

Today was a real focus on the authors for me, as many (MANY) amazing authors were signing.  In addition to the ones I planed on meeting above, I also got signed books from David Mccinnis Gill, T. A. Baron, Arlaina Tibensky, Jennifer L. Holm, Alan Sitomer, Kiki Hamilton, and Jackson Pearce (see, MANY author signings).  They were all lovely and couldn't have been more excited to meet us!  I love that about authors, especially YA authors.  Almost every time I meet one they are super pleasant and excited that you read their book.

I also sat in on a fantastic panel (all of them are awesome, but I especially loved this one) on Chicago itself. The panel had John Green, David Levithan, Simone Elkeles, Jillian Larkin, and James Klise on it; they've all written books which have been set in Chicago.  The panel examined how setting can play such an important part in a story, and what process/how much work it takes to place a character within an already established location.  It was very interesting to here from the people who live/have lived in Chicago (Simone, James, & John) and the ones who have visited (David & Jillian).

Overall, a very productive day.  I spoke with some awesome teachers, learned some awesome stuff, and can't wait until tomorrow!

Oh, here's a picture of my books from today!  Lots of stuff for my followers in here!

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