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Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to wish all those mothers and soon-to-be mothers out there a special Happy Mother's Day!

I know without my mother, I wouldn't have my love of reading.  She always encouraged me to follow my passions, and never batted an eyelash when I said I was starting a book vlog.  She always buys me books for my birthday and Christmas, and listens when I wax poetic about a YA book I love!  I hope all of you have as great of a mother, or mother figure, in your lives as I do; if you do make sure she knows she's appreciated!

To make this a little more book related, I thought I'd highlight some books with moms that I love!

  1. Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series - Um, her love is what saved her son from the killing curse!  What better show of motherly love than that?  Lily has always been, in my mind, a strong woman that would do, and did, anything to save her family!
  2. Sally Jackson from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series - She gave up her own happiness, and her own life at one point, in order to protect her son!  Sally is the definition of being a mother.
  3. Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series - You can;t have a list of mothers and not include Mrs. Weasley.  She manages a huge family with love and compassion, bringing in Harry as one of her own.  My favorite line will always be "Not my daughter, you bitch!" GO Mrs. Weasley!!
  4. Natalie Prior from the Divergent series - Another sacrifice made in order to save her child, Natalie gives her life to save Tris.  Overall, she shows immense strength when she goes to visit within the Dauntless faction, and when she transfers from Dauntless to Abnegation.
  5. Nancy from the Gingerbread series - She isn't protecting her daughter from any bigger threat than  the ups and downs of life, but she is still kick-ass.  Always there for her daughter when she needs her, and even when she doesn't want her, Nancy is great, and a very true to life mother
If I've missed any important mothers, leave me a comment below, and again Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I know this dates me a bit, but Mrs. Murray from the A Wrinkle in Time series. She was smart and tough and compassionate and cooked dinner on her Bunsen burners!


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