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Revived (Review)

Author(s)Cat Patrick
Edition: ARC, 336 pages
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Source: Received from publisher for review

The Summary
As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life. 

A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived five times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency’s true goals, she realizes she’s at the center of something much larger—and more sinister—than she ever imagined.

My Opinion
This book’s premise had me hooked right away. Of course the fact it is by Cat Patrick doesn’t hurt at all. Her debut novel, Forgotten, was amazing, so I was sure Revived would be just as amazing. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that was a correct assumption!

Daisy Appleby is the protagonist of the story.  Of course we only know her as Daisy Appleby for one chapter because she dies right at the beginning of the book.  Now maybe you think this is one of those books like If I Stay (which is awesome), but no, Daisy isn’t narrating the story from between life and death.  Instead, she’s been revived.  See there’s this crazy government drug being tested on a small group of kids that has the ability to revive people from the dead.  Because of this, every time Daisy has died (which has been 5 times at this point), she must relocate and take a new name.  So that’s how she goes from Appleby to West.  Confused yet?  Well, if you are, you won’t be for long because Cat Patrick does a fantastic job creating the world of Revived.

The characters are what drive this story.  Daisy, Megan, and Mason are my favorites.  Daisy is such a strong protagonist.  She lives her life the way she wants, and doesn’t hide in the shadows.  While she may not have many friends because of the Revive Program, she makes the most out of it.  You would think with her situation, that she’d be obsessed with death or a recluse, but she is neither of those things.  Funny and smart, she loves interior decorating and keeps a blog with Megan; I’d be friends with her in a heartbeat.

Speaking of Megan, she may be a supporting character but she makes an impression!  I love that Patrick included a transgendered character within her book, and wrote her in a very normal way.  She is Daisy’s confidant and helps her in some serious times of need through out the book.  She also lives in my dream city, Seattle!  I really like her, and she made an impact even if she isn’t in many scenes.  But the character that is my favorite in the whole book is Mason.  He is Daisy’s pseudo-dad and the agent assigned to her case.  He is everything a real father would be: caring, protective, and supportive.  There is a good balance with his role as Daisy’s assigned agent, and his personal feelings toward her.  At the end of the book, you find out how Mason got assigned Daisy, and it tells you so much about the kind of man he is.  Love him!

The plot had some rough patches for me, mostly during the climax when Daisy is finally facing the villain.  That part is rushed, and there isn’t very much build-up.  The end of the book wraps up a little too nicely with what happened, and that jolted me out of the story.  However, the writing was strong enough to keep my attention, and I do like that there is a definitive end to the book.  I also want to move to Omaha now, after being shown the city through the book.  I want more books to be set in lesser known cities, and not just New York City or Chicago.  Places like Omaha have such character, and become an important part of well-told stories!

Overall, Revived was very enjoyable and a great sophomore novel!  It had all the elements I look for: a strong protagonist, a logical plot, and a fully developed world.  I look forward to whatever Cat Patrick has planned next!  Until then you can all run to the nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of Revived for your selves!

Final Rating
Book Cover: 5/5
Book Title: 5/5
Plot: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Overall: 46/50: A-

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  1. I love the premise of this book! Sounds really good. I hope my pre-order arrives soon! I haven't read Forgotten yet either! The author is coming to a local book event in a few weeks so I will try to read them both beforehand. Great review. :)


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