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Banned Books Week: An International View

Not only is supporting the work against banning books important to continue here in America, but it is possibly even more important to start across the world.  We, as Americans, are very lucky to live in a country, that while books might be pulled from public shelves, they aren't banned from purchase by the citizens of this country.

That unfortunately is not the case in many countries.  and not only are the physical books attacked, but the authors of these books are attacked as well.  Censorship of all kinds are conducted every day across the globe, but we can help.

During Banned Books Week Amnesty International directs attention to the cases involving individuals (journalists, authors, etc) who are being censored, detained, or imprisoned due to writings they have produces.  So while we might highlight banned books for a specific week, it is important to remember that this is an ongoing struggle.  One which continually needs your support.

Here is a case folder containing information about all current cases involving censorship issues in which Amnesty International is aware of, and is working toward ending.

Here is the selected Amnesty International cases for action in which you can help by writing appeals on behalf of the imprisoned.

And finally here are 10 ways you can make a difference:
  1. Take action right now! With so many issues happening all around the world, sign a petition on one of the many human rights issues facing our communities around the world.
  2. Attend an event. Events are a great way to get to educate yourself and others about human rights and meet other like minded people in your community who want to take action together.
  3. Become a member. We are a movement of people. Each time a new person joins, Amnesty’s light shines brighter on the injustices occurring at different places around the world. Join today.
  4. Donate. Your gift helps keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas. Donate now!
  5. Volunteer. Our network of volunteers have the chance to try almost anything—from phone banking, writing letters and organizing a group to responding to a crisis, leading a lobby effort or carrying out our campaigns—we invite you to explore the diverse volunteer opportunities available to you around the country.
  6. Join a Group. Together, the members of our groups take action, reach out to new communities and educate the public about how they can make human rights a reality for all.
  7. Follow a Campaign. Are you passionate about a certain issue? Join a network of activists around the country who are using campaigns to teach communities about torture, abolition of the death penalty, ending poverty and more.
  8. Shop for a Cause. At our online store you can shop t-shirts and a variety of gifts with a purpose.
  9. Write for Rights. Join over 17,000 people in one of the largest events on behalf of political prisoners, human rights defenders and others whose rights are being violated by their governments or corporations.
  10. Partner with us. Through collaborations, partnerships and collective action, we can improve the state of human rights here and abroad. If you represent a university, association or agency, explore the ways you can support Amnesty International.

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