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Dark Mirror by M. J. Putney (Review)

Title: Dark Mirror
Edition: Paperback, 320 pages
Author(s)M. J. Putney
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
Source: Won from Starry Sky Books

The Summary
Lady Victoria Mansfield, youngest daughter of the earl and countess of Fairmount, is destined for a charmed life. Soon she will be presented during the London season, where she can choose a mate worthy of her status. 

Yet Tory has a shameful secret—a secret so powerful that, if exposed, it could strip her of her position and disgrace her family forever. Tory’s blood is tainted . . . by magic.

When a shocking accident forces Tory to demonstrate her despised skill, the secret she’s fought so hard to hide is revealed for all to see. She is immediately exiled to Lackland Abbey, a reform school for young men and women in her position. There she will learn to suppress her deplorable talents and maybe, if she’s one of the lucky ones, be able to return to society.

But Tory’s life is about to change forever. All that she’s ever known or considered important will be challenged. What lies ahead is only the beginning of a strange and wonderful journey into a world where destiny and magic come together, where true love and friendship find her, and where courage and strength of character are the only things that determine a young girl’s worth. 
My Opinion
I really loved this book.  Dark Mirror is one of the first books I won in a giveaway, and so it has a soft place in my heart.  But, unfortunately, it also spent several months on my shelf before I picked it up to read.  Which was a big mistake on my part because it is a fantastic book.

M. J. Putney is more known for her adult fiction, but this YA debut reads as if she's been writing in the genre forever.  The world building is amazing, as she integrates new pieces of history within our real timeline.  What  I really loved is how she mixes the fantastical with the historical.  This makes the possibility of magic believable, and not out of place, even in the 1900s.

In fact the meeting of the 17th century with the 19th century was seamless and therefore, the reader is able to feel as if she has jumped forward in time and back again with Tory.  The juxtaposition of the modern technology and innate magic also adds a critical dimension to the book.  That of science is magic.  I mean, I don't know how some things work, but I know they do.  that's a type of magic (oh lights...I don't know how you turn on but I'm glad you do).

Tory as a protagonist was great.  she is such a strong female figure, but at the same time, due to her standing in aristocratic society, she is still such a lady about things.  That is what made me interested in her right from the beginning.  you can tell that she does her duty, but when she knows it is the right course of action she'll break societal dictums.  So kick butt!  There has been more and more awesome girls like this in YA, and I'm so happy to see it.

Overall, Dark Mirror is one of my recommendations from 2011, and I can't wait to read Dark Passage, the second book in the series, coming out this month, September 13.  Pick up both copies in your local bookstores!

Mini Review
"Fallen from Grace: A Dark Mirror Short Story"

In Dark Mirror we meet the mysterious and handsome (I know that's cliche but he really is!) Marquis of Allarde, the heir to a vast estate, but only if he denies his magic and marries a non-magic woman.  In "Fallen from Grace" we find out what happened to Allarde to have made him expose himself and how he really feels about being sent to Lackland Abbey.  This is a great addition to the Dark Mirror world and really gives more insight to Allarde's character.

"Fall from Grace" is available for free download though Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Final Rating
Book Cover: 5/5
Book Title: 4/5
Plot: 9.5/10
Characters: 9/10
Writing: 9.5/10
Ending: 9/10
Overall: 46/50: A-


  1. Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed Dark Mirror. I haven't had a chance to read Fallen from Grace just yet, but I hope to do so soon. I'm excited for Dark Passage, I have it pre-ordered so it will be here by the end of the week! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. I have Dark Mirror on my shelves. Your review has me wanting to get it down.

  3. Great review! Dark Mirror was an awesome read and I cannot wait to read Dark Passage :D


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